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Kein Bruit Brut (2013-14)

(12') For 13 strings (2 string quartets and 1 string quintet).

This piece was written during the winter of 2013-14, but not performed at the time.
It was finally premiered in Copenhagen in 2016 for the PULSAR new music festival, with the DKDM string orchestra and Jean Thorel as a conductor.

Kein Bruit Brut deals with the idea of starting something from scratch, nding something pure and naive somewhere away from all surrounding noises. In the piece this is represented by a simple harmonic progression that consists on even intervals between four voices that narrow down progressively from a large register to a unison, like a tree from the bottom to the top. The main material is later developed by applying several ”mirror” effects and expanding and distorting the spectre until noise takes hold again and we need to go back to the original material to find the peace we were looking for in the first place. 

PLAY INTERACTIVE APP (might take a bit to load, be patient! :)

This interactive app was developed as a Christmas Postcard in December 2013. It allows you to play your own recomposition of the first 2 minutes of the piece. The performers on the recording are Joan Gerard Torredeflot (violin), Anna Sáez de Tejada (viola) & Àlex Rodríguez Flaqué (cello). Artwork by egyptiancatfood.com. Web development by Xavier Bonfill.