Xavier Bonfill is a Catalan composer and performer based in Copenhagen. His artistic output encompasses works for traditional instruments, electronics, video and other multimedia formats such as interactive websites and apps. In his works, a form of dialogue between different media and art forms is created between text, images, acoustic and electronic sound. Duality, opposition and even contradiction are a characteristic of his aesthetics: where the poetic is set against the immediately superficial, the extravagant against the intimate, the crooked against the naive.

Xavier graduated from the Soloist Class (Advanced Postgraduate Programme) at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in May 2022. He has recently been awarded with the “Pelle Prize” as a “talent that dares to be across the norms of the time”. He is the founder of "haknam", a new ensemble dedicated to exploring new forms of interactivity in electronic music, as well as “Don’t Look Back”, a new grassroot organisation that functions as record label, concert organiser and online community for forward-thinking sound and music. Xavier has also engaged in a long collaboration with the Copenhagen-based trio NEKO3, resulting in a multimedia concerto grosso “YES FOR NO”, and a piece for prepared and deconstructed piano and LED boards “three_four_maybe”. 

Picture: Mai Staunsager