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musical typewriter (web-app) (2023)
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three_four_maybe_app. Produced by NDC: Xavier Bonfill (artistic direction, sound design), Antonio Martinez (visual design), Frederic Font (app development).

Based on the composition three_four_maybe by Xavier Bonfill, performed by NEKO3.


“three_four_maybe” EP

Made possible with kind support from Dansk Komponist Forening / KODA’s cultural funds

board-game composition (web-app) (2017)
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A room can be full of sounds, some from within, some from the outside, some that happen by choice, some that happen by chance. The possibilities of their combinations are almost endless, but all sounds can be put together and become music in our minds. 28x28 is a piece made of 28 fragments of 28 seconds each that are combined in a certain order according to a domino game.



Made possible with kind support from Fundació Phonos / Universitat Pompeu Fabra & OSIC / Generalitat de Catalunya