studio recordings

Released during the first covid-19 lockdown, this album is a compilation of improvisations and sketches from my home studio in Refshaleøen, Copenhagen. The recordings span from early 2018 up to March 2020 and most of them were never meant to be "pieces" or "tracks". I find there is something appealing about them, just because of that. Listening back to all this music, I can't honestly remember how I did half of it. It almost feels like someone else's music. I like that. 
I hope you like it too.

released on March 20, 2020 

Heptagon is a short electronic piece, in two movements, that is inspired in Else Marie Pade's tape music piece "syv cirkler" from 1958. It was premiered in a concert by the group Neko3 organised by "Moderne Mandag".
This is an UHJ stereo mix, which is a reduction from the original surround ambisonic mix.

released on February 22, 2019 

Composed, performed, produced and recorded it while travelling around China and Hong Kong on a teenageengineering op1 while sitting on the plane, on the train, and in hotel rooms. These five semi-improvised “sketches" are small exercises in using constraints as a tool for creativity.

released on May 16, 2018 

Three short electronic pieces from my back catalogue slightly revised and newly mixed in UHJ Stereo. The pieces were originally composed between 2011 and 2014 and they originate from completely different projects, but they are somehow cohesive from a sound perspective.

released on August 11, 2017

live recordings & other ephimeral releases

Recorded live at a socially distanced concert in a back yard in Copenhagen. The event was a part of the "Musik til København" concert series, organised by INGRB in collaboration with Dansk Komponistforening.

released on April 23, 2021

Mikrofoodie is a special performance that was live-streamed on the 16th of May, 2020, created in collaboration with Fei Nie and Lorenzo Colombo. Vaguely inspired in Karlheinz Stockhausen's Mikrophonie and meant as a celebration of friendship and being together in these strange times, the piece consists on a "chef" (Fei Nie) making dinner, a microphonist (Lorenzo Colombo) capturing the sounds and an electronic musician (Xavier Bonfill) processing and manipulating the sounds in real-time.
The recording is presented in an edited version (30 minutes instead of 44 in the original performance) focused on the listening experience. Some headphone candy for your hungry ears.

released on May 18, 2020


Solo performance, live-streamed on the 2nd of May. The setlist consists, for the most part, on some of the tracks from “Refshaleøen Tapes, vol. I”, in new arrangements. 

released on May 4, 2020 
currently out of catalogue