EP (digital + cassette), May 2024
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2x2 is, in itself, a riddle. Two performers play a middle C, over and over, on the instrument of their own choice. The instrumental sound is extended through the use of live electronics, exploring repetition, variation, texture, counterpoint.

Originally commissioned by Christian Tscherning (trombone) and Jason Alder (bass clarinet), the piece has since been performed in a number of different instrument combinations since its 2020 premiere. Always new, yet always recognizable.

To honor its many sides, I decided to present it in a studio recording with not one but two different versions, back-to-back.

The 2x versions included in this release are especially contrasting. They invite us to explore the inherent dichotomy of the piece. Something akin to a developed picture and its negative.

There is no need to choose a side.

released May 31, 2024 on Don’t Look Back Records

that’s fine
single (digital), Jan 2024
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Please continue or Please go on.
The experiment requires that you continue.
It is absolutely essential that you continue.
You have no other choice; you must go on.

(that's fine)

contains a sample from the documentary film "Obedience" (1962) by Stanley Milgram

make them count
single (digital), Dec 2023
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Released as a part of the DLBxGaza compilation organised by Don’t Look Back Records. All revenue goes to Doctors Without Borders for their humanitarian work in the Gaza Strip. 

EP (digital + web app), May 2023
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Release feat. NEKO3.
three_four_maybe (composed 2020-21, recorded 2023) for 3 musicians: midi controllers, prepared piano, 24 solenoids, 3 LED panels

When I was a child, before I started writing my own music, I used to write short stories. My poor handwriting made it difficult for others to read, and we didn’t have a computer at home at the time. So my parents got me a typewriter for my birthday.
I see the grand piano in “three_four_maybe” a bit like a giant typewriter that makes the most amazing sounds. Sounds that are like characters in a text. When combined, these characters become rhythms, melodies, words, sentences. And, in theory, when used in a given combination, they could, like atoms, become something unlike anything that has ever existed before. 

released May 12, 2023 on Don’t Look Back Records

entrée / en mouvement / encore
EP (digital), April 2023
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Release feat. Lorenzo Colombo. “entrée / en mouvement / encore” is a piece for vibraphone and electronics I wrote back in 2016-17, presented as a studio recording for the first time.  

The piece draws from quotes from "A Treatise Concerning The Principles of Human Knowledge" (1710) translated into morse code and used as musical material. This would become my first "text based" piece, a technique that would evolve in some of my later works such as "one for two" (2018) "YES FOR NO" (2020) and "three_four_maybe" (2021)."

released April 14, 2023 on Don’t Look Back Records

album (digital), Jan 2023
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Released as haknam.
During the Christmas holidays in 2019, I went on a trip to China with Fei, my life partner. We visited her hometown Beihai and its surroundings in the Guanxi province, as well as Shanghai. I brought a sound recorder with me and did some field recordings during the trip.

I decided I would make a piece based on those field recordings, where the music is built upon the original sound instead of silence. Like painting on top of an existing picture.

released January 6, 2023 on Don’t Look Back Records 

live album (digital), May 2020
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Mikrofoodie is a special performance created in collaboration with Fei Nie and Lorenzo Colombo. Vaguely inspired in Karlheinz Stockhausen's Mikrophonie and meant as a celebration of friendship and being together in these strange times, the piece consists on a "chef" (Fei Nie) making dinner, a microphonist (Lorenzo Colombo) capturing the sounds and an electronic musician (Xavier Bonfill) processing and manipulating the sounds in real-time. 

Refshaleøen Tapes vol. I
album (digital), March 2020
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Released during the first covid-19 lockdown, this album is a compilation of improvisations and sketches from my home studio in Refshaleøen, Copenhagen. The recordings span from early 2018 up to March 2020 and most of them were never meant to be "pieces" or "tracks". I find there is something appealing about them, just because of that. Listening back to all this music, I can't honestly remember how I did half of it. It almost feels like someone else's music. I like that. 
I hope you like it too.

released March 20, 2020 

single (digital), Feb 2019
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Heptagon is a short electronic piece, in two movements, that is inspired in Else Marie Pade's tape music piece "syv cirkler" from 1958. It was premiered in a concert by the group Neko3 organised by "Moderne Mandag".
This is an UHJ stereo mix, which is a reduction from the original surround ambisonic mix.

released February 22, 2019 

travel light
EP (digital), May 2018
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Composed, performed, produced and recorded it while travelling around China and Hong Kong  while sitting on the plane, on the train, and in hotel rooms. These five semi-improvised “sketches" are small exercises in using constraints as a tool for creativity.

released May 16, 2018 

The Queen’s Croquet Ground
EP (digital), Aug 2017
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Three short electronic pieces from my back catalogue slightly revised and newly mixed in UHJ Stereo. The pieces were originally composed between 2011 and 2014 and they originate from completely different projects, but they are somehow cohesive from a sound perspective.

released August 11, 2017

IX = ? B (Made in Japan)
EP (digital), Dec 2013
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"IX=? B (Made in Japan)" is an EP with remixes that belong to the orbits of the "9=0" album. "IX=?" stands for "9=0" in Roman numbers (there's no 0!). This is the second release of this kind, after "IX=? A".

This EP features remixes by four Tokyo based producers: canooooopy, mus.hiba, lidly and axion117

IX = ? A
EP (digital), Dec 2012
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IX=? A is an EP with remixes and outtakes that belong to the orbits of the "9=0" album. "IX=?" stands for "9=0" in Roman numbers (there's no 0!). 

This EP features remixes by Kamutao and Maine Koon, as well as an alternative take from CINEMASCOPE. 

Album (digtal + CD), Apr 2012
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My first solo album.