Single. 2 tracks. 5'
Published: February 2019
Composed: January 2019

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Heptagon is a short electronic piece, in two movements, that is inspired in Else Marie Pade's tape music piece "syv cirkler" from 1958. It was premiered in a concert by the group Neko3 organised by "Moderne Mandag".

All sounds were generated with a Make Noise "0Coast" semi-modular analog synth (with some other eurorack modules modulating it) and a Music Thing "Spring Reverb".

This is an UHJ stereo mix, which is a reduction from the original surround ambisonic mix.
releases February 22, 2019

composed, produced, performed, mixed, mastered and illustrated by Xavier Bonfill, Copenhagen, January 2019.
Special thanks to: Jens Rossel (Moderne Mandag), Neko3, Tony Martínez