Uferstudio#2 (2014)

For violin and synthesizers
Uferstudio#2 live @ ESMUC, Barcelona. December 11, 2014

Uferstudio#2 was my first attempt at writing for synthesizers in a chamber music setting. The idea was to give the instrument a certain kind of notation and instructions that would allow it to be performed as a traditional instrument. 
The title comes from the name of the rehearsal space for the Go, Æneas, Go! opera, in Berlin Wedding. I had borrowed an Arturia Minibrute from a good friend, and I happened to be staying close to the rehearsal space, hence the team granting me a set of keys to access it. It also happened that access has allowed 24/7. So you can do the math… some late night synth jamming into a huge set of loudspeakers was the starting point for this composition. 
It was performed a couple of times at ESMUC (Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya) in Barcelona, while I was a student there, with Núria Martín on violin and Cels Campos and myself on synthesizers.