Kein Bruit Brut (2013-14)

For 13 strings: 2 quartets and 1 quintet. 
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Jean Thorel & DKDM Strings.  
PULSAR Festival 2016: 
Konservatoriets Koncertsalen, Frederiksberg, DK. 

Kein Bruit Brut was written during my time as a student with Bernat Vivancos at ESMUC (Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya), Barcelona. The title uses a german, a french and a catalan word and translates roughly as “no dirty noises”.  The main idea is to try escape from the noise and find something that is simple and beautiful, and, while admiring its beauty, try to develop it so that it grows stronger, and watch as it eventually becomes out of control again making us return  to the old basic and pure idea. 

The piece is based on a simple chord progression: even intervals within 4 given voices: starting from 12ths (1octave + a fifth) between each voice, and ending with a unison on the note A2 and viceversa. The ensemble consists on 3 chamber groups: 2 string quartets (left and right of the stage) and one string quintet (in the middle). They play the progression with some décalage and stereo imaging / phasing between the groups. The harmony used is mostly modal (all white keys on a piano) with some occasional spectral coloring (microtonality). The harmonic spectrum appears as a natural development of the original harmony and ends up disturbing its peace and making us return to the original material.

An interactive Christmas card was done with this piece in late 2013, in which one could make their own version of the introduction by tapping the lightbulbs on the upright music staves / Christmas trees. 

The piece wouldn’t be premiered until later in 2016 in Copenhagen, as part of the PULSAR festival. The piece was conducted by Jean Thorel and performed by the DKDM string orchestra.