Go, ÆNEAS, Go! (2014)

Winner of the Berliner Opernpreis 2014. 
Chamber opera: mezzo, tenor, clarinet, cello, electronics and video.
Go, ÆNEAS, Go! Scenes V & VII. Live at Teatre Lliure, Bcn (2014)
Anna Alàs (ms), Joan Ribalta (t), Víctor de la Rosa (cl), Cèlia Torres (vc). 

After the premiere of DIDO reloaded and the performances in Barcelona and Madrid, the creative team got the opportunity of writing a follow-up opera, after winning the Berliner Opernpreis 2014, organised by Neuköllner Oper.  This time, the spotlight would be on ÆNEAS (Joan Ribalta), turned into a modern day civil serveant / aspiring politician that believes in a more united EU and is set to travel accross the union to (not very succesfully) convince politicians to stay stronger together. As he travels to London (remember this was before Brexit!), Paris and Berlin, he meets a misterious changing woman (EUROPA, played by Anna Alàs) who is somehow reminiscent of the consipiring witches in DIDO reloaded, that will try to stop him from getting what he wants. 

This time, 3 composers would be responsible for the score: Octavi Rumbau, Xavier Bonfill and Raquel García-Tomás, the later providing also with visuals throughout the piece. The procedure was different than in DIDO, with the whole creative team writing the libretto and the composers sharing more updates about their composition process. Instead of dividing the piece in 3 longer blocks, shorter scenes where intertwined, with García-Tomás taking care of parts 1&3, Rumbau 2, 4, 6, & 8, and Bonfill 5&7. The overall tone was that of a comedy and the rhythm of the piece was much hectic than its predecessor.

The piece got attention and positive reviews both in German and Catalan media, got a premiere at the Russisches Hus for the Berliner Opernpreis gala, and then 3 performances at the Neuköllner Oper, both in Berlin. “DIDO reloaded” and “Go, ÆNEAS, Go!” were performed as a double feature at the Teatre Lliure in Barcelona, for 5 shows in November 2014.