Refshaleøen Tapes on Spotify / Apple Music


My latest album “Refshaleøen Tapes vol. I” is finally available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms. It wasn’t without some hiccups in the process though. Because of seemingly arbitrary (read: stupid) guidelines on either my distributor or those stores, no other text other than the artist name and album title are allowed in the cover, so the original all station tank went from what you can see on the left side of the picture (in black & white to underline the difference) into this “cleaner” look on the right. Apparently it is highly problematic to include the words “kroner” and “liter” in one's album cover… maybe I’m trying to sell something!  

The track titles also suffered changes, and were “corrected” from all my “mistakes” such as: non-standard capitalization, and use of non-standard characters. The administration people at “Amuse”, the distributor I use for getting into these streaming services, were so smart in understanding the meaning behind my titles that “#32_mindf***_b” is now “#32_mindfuck_B”… which ironically adds an “Explicit content” mark on my album (wait am I a bad boy now?). Such lack of understanding and respect of the artists' idea is so unbelievable that it becomes, instead of enfuriating, rather “amusing” (pun intented). 

It is not the first time I have problems with getting my music on those “mainstream” stores. Some of my previous issues were with such extreme avantgarde artistical practices such as: include a few of seconds of silence in the middle of a track or, naming my tracks “too generically” with titles such as “sketch#1” “sketch#2” etc. What a time to be alive. 

But regardless of all that and as Led Zeppelin brilliantly put it, at the end of the day “The song remains the same”.  So just listen and enjoy... with your eyes closed this time ^^

mikrofoodie live recording


Thanks for watching our live stream with Fei Nie and Lorenzo Colombo on Saturday. You can grab a super high quality audio recording of the performance on Bandcamp for free or naming your price.
The recording is presented in an edited version (30 minutes instead of 44 in the original performance) focused on the listening experience. Some headphone candy for your hungry ears.

Mikrofoodie is a special performance created in collaboration with Fei Nie and Lorenzo Colombo. Vaguely inspired in Karlheinz Stockhausen's Mikrophonie and meant as a celebration of friendship and being together in these strange times, the piece consists on a "chef" (Fei Nie) making dinner, a microphonist (Lorenzo Colombo) capturing the sounds and an electronic musician (Xavier Bonfill) processing and manipulating the sounds in real-time. 

mikrofoodie live on Instagram


Sat 16 May, 19h (CET)
#instagramlive @xavierbonfill
w/ Fei Nie and Lorenzo Colombo

New live-stream next Saturday, this time joined by Fei Nie & Lorenzo Colombo. Our performance will be titled “MIKROFOODIE” and that’s as much as we can say about it for now.
Tune in, and expect the unexpected! :)

streaming concert supercut & live album


Thanks to all of you who tuned in during my first ever “streaming concert” last Saturday on Instagram Live. I had a great time! ♥️ If you didn’t catch it, or want to listen again in much better audio quality (including STEREO sound! 🔈🔈) I put a live recording of the concert on my Bandcamp. Free download / name your price! Hope you enjoy it!!!

Next streaming concerts:
May 16 -> with Fei Nie & Lorenzo Colombo
June 6 -> solo performance 

@xavierbonfill on Instagram 

1st live-streaming concert announced


I will be playing my first ever live streaming concert this Saturday, on my Instagram account  I’m very excited to try this out and hope you “see” you all there :) The #liveset will consist on some of the tracks that you can find on my latest album, Refshaleøen Tapes… in almost unrecognisable versions of course :)

Refshaleøen Tapes vol. I:
snippets & descriptions


During the last few days I have been releasing a series of one minute videos with snippets from each track on my latest album “Refshaleøen Tapes vol. I” with some  behind-the-scenes comments for each track. You can watch them all here together as a playlist. 

The album is out now on Bandcamp.