The Taking (after "The Kiss") (2015)

for marimba & live-electronics
w/ video by Raphael Montáñez-Ortiz

This piece was written as a part of a collaboration between ESMUC (Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya) and MACBA (Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona). 

"The Taking" is a music piece to be played in sync together with the video piece "The Kiss" by Raphael Montáñez-Ortiz. All of its musical material comes from a free reorganization of melodic material taken from the jazz standard "Body and Soul" (Johnny Green, 1930), a song that would inspire the movie of the same title in 1947 and that is the source material in Montáñez-Ortiz's video work in 1985. The hypnotic character of the video, that turns 7 seconds of lm into 6 minutes, is reinforced by music that explores the idea of repetition as a "buffer", progressing slowly in time. The title "The Taking" is also a quote from the song's lyrics, and is an invitation to explore the ritualistic character of romanticism and sexuality as seen in the Hollywood film clichés.

The piece was premiered at MACBA, Barcelona by Miquel Vich in May 2015. It has since then been performed a few times in Barcelona, Copenhagen, Helsinki and Valencia by Miquel Vich, Kalle Hakosalo and Paula Piñero. A studio recording of the piece, by Paula Piñero, is scheduled for 2017.


Kalle Hakosalo @ Helsingin Konservatorion Konserttisali, Helsinki, Finland. April 2016