Don't Look Back. You Are Almost There. (2015)

(14') For piano, violin, viola & cello.

Written for a Workshop at DKDM (The Royal Danish Academy of Music) with Copenhagen Piano Quartet.
The piece was premiered on Dec 4, 2015.

Don't Look Back. You Are Almost There is about the idea non-reversible actions, a subective perception of the passing of time in which it gets frozen and the beauty of tragedy as something simple, pure and perfect. The music is inspired on an instrumental passage on Monteverdi's Orfeo, time-stretched and recomposed with SPEAR (FFT analysis / synthesis) and later transcribed for the acoustic instruments, using both conventional an graphical notation.

Don't look back. You are almost there.
Don't look there. You are almost back.
You look back there.
There you almost are.
Are you there?
You are back.